Reviews for "Stick RPG"

It's ok....

Thhis game could use a few improvements. Such as improve the walking method. Otherwise Keep up the good work Skyemaster!

See ya!

Not a bad Sim

This game is pretty cool. But my only qualm is that when you move, the quality of the movie lowers, and if you are at the edge of the world, and try to click on the tool bar on top, you fall of =/

..Its not exatley an RPG....

its more of a SimGirl style... or its just like "Johnes".. Yep, that old classic game thatstill rules... Your mouving engine was pretty good but it was a bit annoying 'couse
u try 2 walk fast and woops, the mouse pops out of the screen and u suddenly stop.. that was a bitstupid... but that is a GREAT GAME..
Nice job man..


This was one of the best games I have ever played on newgrounds, but a few problems.
1.Whats up with the background to the sides, I mean you fall off and get hurt you should at least die, you get run over by cars and you get up.
2.Not enough job choices,
3.wierd battle's with fire and energy beams.
4.not enough items in the pawn shop
5.The cost of stuff in the game is unrealistic, for example that the burgers are really expensive 80$ dollors for a burger now thats stupid

Things that would make the game great
1.Haveing the ability to steal cars
2.Letting you use the weapons you buy in combat
3.Haveing more jobs for example news reporter, bounty hunter and game designer
4.Make it so you can use a password system to continue your origanal game(every time you go to sleep you get your password)
5.there are no codes in this game {that sucks}(my little brother wrote this one}
6.dont use stick figures in this game.
7.there needs to be more buildings in this game{dont close all the buildings)
Hope you use some of my suggestions :) By: Mike and Adrian


One main thing, instead of moving via mouse, you should have the ability to use the arrow keys to move. up arrow to move up, you know the rest. If this game was in Java I could tell you what to put, but other than that I donno.

It's a good game though, I recommend everyone to play this.