Reviews for "Stick RPG"

it wont let me move at all

it wouldnt let me move

Its fucked up

Dude I die before I get to play... what the fuck.
I read the damn reveiws they played it am I doin somthin wrong? its like instant death then my health bar is all fuckin up please fuckin fix this shit or 1 u otha motha fuckas help my punk ass out.

This sucks

Wtf are you doing? You just die

What was the point?

I got everything and nothing happened. What am I supposed to do. This is the worst adventure game that I've ever played! I don't think that I'm gonna play the sequel.

i cant load this game up whats the deal?

i click on the link and then it says page has not been found and stuff like that what the hell is going on? its doing my nut