Reviews for "Stick RPG"


that was really cool. keep at it!

great job

OK, i thought this was an awsome game, but the only thing i wanted to comment on was while reading the instructions you said "your now in the second dimension" , but we are in 4th dimensions right now, so it should really be the 5th dimension that this game takes place in. or really the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th..... but 2nd is fine :)

Nice rpg, could be better

It was really good. I liked the bar fight and the answering machine. Especially the casino. =)

But walking was annoying, it would have been easier if I ran around by clicking with my mouse.

Also, there might be a bug, the game froze when I won the second battle by punching twice.

I didn't play a lot of the game, but is there any body to talk to in the game? It would be cool if I tried to get with a stick girl or soemthing. Hehe.

not too bad...

I give the movie a four because of it reminds me of GTA2..........

pretty cool game

nice..i was hoping i'd see a new stick rpg..good job