Reviews for "Stick RPG"

JMStudios was correct

i completely agree its not like people want to spend there spare time going to school plus all the places like bus stop that do nothing? whats the point if ur gonna make a game make all aspects work plus it takes like 30 days of school to become a manager a waste of time

Cool yet average

It was carried out well, I admit, but it does need a "zing". I'm not just talking about the unfinished places, it's just too linear. And the bar-fighting is too unneccessary! The only way to win is to get a good job by going to college, a nice moral, but not gameworthy. Most people want to have fun playing games, not try to lead a good life. (take the sims for example, most people use the unlimited money cheat and buy everything possible, and I don't know one person w/ the sims w/o the hot date expansion!)

not bad

cool but there should be more to do


I wish it would be faster and some more females , ok.

it was good

I thought it was great until you do everything and nothin else happens and i never knew what the bus depot or the furniture place was there for if it went further or ended it would be so much better.