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Reviews for "The Right Turn"

I had to quit and I discovered there was no saving. Good game, but add saving at checkpoints.

Please try and make a mobile version

Prox276 responds:

Mobile Update coming today :)

I can see how this would be fun on a smartphone but the controls are terrible for a computer. Map them to the keyboard and this will fix everything.

Prox276 responds:

I will add smartphone controls today

It's like a normal fun platformer, except it's a pain to control and adds nothing aside from tedium. Wow, I have to use a mouse to pretend to tilt a screen? Maybe if I could really do that it'd be different, but if you're going to abstract an analog control for a digital input, might I suggest a button? Oh wait, that already exists! And then, I have to take my mouse off the wheel and use the mouse to pretend to pull a handle to make a jump happen. If only there was a control scheme to allow someone to move AND jump at the same time in a game about moving and jumping...