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Reviews for "CHASER.fla"

For a first movie, outstanding job, the idea was original, and the backgrounds looked awesome, you could work more on a general movement and fighting, but still, for a first movie, wow. Can't wait to see more.

best what my first animation :C

i demand to know how the FUCK this is your first animation.

Seriously tho, great start! I'd drop the generic .fla shit for future animations.

IF this had posted on madness day it would be on 1st place
it's been so long since a Madness fan's animation make me super interested

illiaigroman responds:

I think not :D

I think this animation is pretty awesome to be a first cartoon. The pacing never feels too slow, the blood, bullets, and debris never feels like it was half-baked, the camera isn't sickening like some cartoons and collab pieces from 2018 The only real issue that I can articulate is that some motions are too fast or sudden to appreciate, like Hank throwing a knife at a Soldat. The fact that there's not many specific things I can say are bad are signs you're doing a lot right.