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Reviews for "CHASER.fla"

I like this a lot
The animation is satisfying yet still keeps it's own style, which is something I can always appreciate.
I was genuinely shocked when I noticed that this was your first cartoon, you've got some incredible talent if that's actually the case.
Keep up the good work.
I'm looking forward to your next project, lad.

It's a very good job, the funds, the characters used, the details, etc.
One of the things I can say is that in some scenes it moves a little fast ... noice work
p.d: congratulations on the comments of great animators and also that you have a new follower

Heyo, this is pretty snazzy for your apparent first Madness animation, Kept my interest throughout and am interested for more from u.
Animation-wise, Pretty good
Also, you've done Madness hell better than most, with constant insanity and whatnot.
Keep up the good work my Slav comrade!


Ебать жоска