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Reviews for "CHASER.fla"

So... looks like ana alternate reality/future Hank trying to kill... himself? That's actually a really interesting concept. Not badly animated at all for your first, even though it took yo ua while to do it. Some cool kills, especially the first one and you did have a nice sense of weight and made the rnemies pretty believable. Hank's jump when he threw the knife at the ATP looked kinda weird and some of the movemebts seemed a bit jittery, but, like I said, not bad at all. The antagonist is actually really compellingly interesting, cause his way of communicating is fun and he's believable in the sense that he can be hurt, but he's very fast and very strong, like Hank in that regard. I really like how they both deflected using ther swords and it was shown at the end that he couldn't really be stopped by just wildly being shot at. Really like how Hank desperately tried to block the sword with his gun but it got sliced like butter. The music was really nice, too, and I like the fact you didn't use any sound effects to make the antagonist too over-the-top or scary, in fat I think that made him scarier. He's silent.
Keep it up, you have some real potential and originality, as well as a good sense for story and fighting.

Not bad man!

hoooleee shit.... fucking amazing