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Reviews for "CHASER.fla"

2:26 In all of the madness movies I've ever watched, this is the first time I've ever seen someone pretend to shoot just to bait out a bullet deflect. Seriously, nice job I can't believe I never thought about that before.

Very good!

illiaigroman responds:

Если так хорошо ,то чего оценку скрываем ?)

When this started off I felt like I was watching a piece that had been written by a good friend of mine known as Spirit9871. There was a certain character to the intro that seemed more human than just the blatant killing of the series that we have all come to expect from the get-go. You have an incredible potential for future works, and while yes some things need work, your animations aren't so fluid that they seem fake and forced, while at the same time they aren't rigid and jumpy like many first time animators suffer from creating. Continue your work and I can say with certainty that you will become one of the animating greats of this community of ours.

Nicely done giving Hank a slim strip of humanity by having a phone and actually interacting with it in a way that wasn't destroying it, as well has appropriate reactions to his hunter with the almost panicked choice to avoid the "Death" door instead of thinking about it and going through it.

Now they featured phone's in this movie. Still a great animation.

Бля внатуре молодец,ахуенно вышло