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Reviews for "Tricky Cat"

A game that holds my attention long enough to finish is a success.
Great work on this!

I agree with the reviewers who said that the physics were a little too slippery, and I admit that while I like games that are on the difficult side, I still think I would have preferred it if the cat didn't have so much momentum. The puzzles were appropriate for a puzzle platformer IMO, but for the most part I felt like I could tell what I needed to do but the main issue was in getting the cat to do what I wanted. It was like... well... herding cats :3

As for the difficulty: 45 players have completed level 30 after there have been 190 to complete level 1 as of the writing of this post. So yeah, I agree with MeowmersMcBiscuit: If anyone complains about this game being too difficult and needing to be nerfed, you have every right to reply "nah u jus sux, git gud :3"

Agree with MPPlantOfficial now that I went back and played Detiled again -- if that was an inspiration for this game then it deserves some props. But Detiled was a kickass game and if this is a kickass game with the same mechanics then I still like it :3

And IDK WTF DaRealSparky was talking about. I searched Newgrounds for 1n3Qu4l1ty and came up with squat. Whatever he's smoking might be too strong for me :3

This game has the exact same mechanics (hopefully NOT a ripoff) of "Detiled"
by StuffedWombat: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/722470

It's "Detiled" with more mechanics but unfortunately a slippier non-precise jump.

This is quite Fun! It's Indeed Tricky!

A very nice and simple game with easy controls.
I read that someone complained about no tutorials and flunky controls, but the game teaches you how to interact with the puzzle.
The challenges have a great variety and the animation is solid.
Keep up the good work, mate.