Reviews for "Tricky Cat"

I have very little control over the cat, it flies all over the screen and it makes it difficult to play the game

its just Detiled but your a slippery cat...

Hello I have a "constructive feedback" ^^

I will not say that "it is an overused concept" as NNon, but as said by Magotrap "This is essentially DETILED but with more levels and new mechanics" (I looked for this game and played it); yeah it's the same game.

The graphic have been changed and the sensitivity and fluidity have been drastically lowered, that's why it annoyed me and irritated me from level 5 which is nevertheless among the firsts one of the game (30 levels).

How to improve it? I don't know. Probably by creating a new concept.

It's my opinion, don't forget it please. ^^


this is just detiled but repolished

dislike how its an outright bad clone of Detiled by StuffedWombat (https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/722470). actually support the creator instead of this lazy creation.

this is a bad look, hope you learn from your mistakes.