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Reviews for "Tricky Cat"

Controls should be more tight. Seems like the cat is being move by applying forces, he/she's been accelerated. This makes a slippery cat. Sometimes I jump on a block and I fall on the other side cause the cat is deaccelerating, others I don't reach the block and fall cause I'm afraid of accelerate too much. Maybe you could try with other ways of moving the cat instead of applying forces. Or even using forces, but reducing the time between 0 and max speed for moving and max speed to 0 for stopping. This could make the movement more tight.

Other than this, the concept is awesome. Platform blocks that can be stepped only once. It's an ability platformer and a puzzle at the same time. Great idea. I wish I had it hahaha.

Good job!

1. Hardcore
2. Music
3. Animations
4. Gameplay
5. Garphics
no minuses

but could get better!

Not bad, but the difficulty curve was all over the place. Add in a somewhat sluggish avatar, and platforms that didn't always wait for you to full leave before vanishing, means you fight the controls more than the levels sometimes.

fun game