Reviews for "Tricky Cat"

Detiled had much better controls...

This could've had better controls. Plus, the difficulty of the levels vary in a weird way. One is easy then the next is difficult then it's easy again.

Wasn't too difficult. Earned all of the medals, but wasn't a big fan of the game overall. It was honestly kind of boring.

Definitely not the worst game I've played on NG, but could've been a lot better.

Well done. Yes, the controls are a bit "slippery", but I get the feeling that was purposeful to add to the challenge. It was difficult, but not so much so that I ever gave up.

I like it, the physics didn't bother me too much :)

Pretty fun, and I got through it all! Only critique I would give would be that the difficulty curve is a bit all over-the-place, with some of the more difficult levels being at the start while it peters out later on, and that the slipperiness of the cat veers into 'aggravating' levels for some levels (though I suppose it is called 'tricky' cat for a reason!)