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Reviews for "Tricky Cat"

This was delightful. I'm seeing some dude complain about the lack of tutorial. It isn't that hard of a mechanic to figure out my man.

Wow, actually enjoyed this a lot! Great amount of challenge and it hearkens back to the old-school puzzle platformers.

I like it, the title doesn't lie, lol.

Dunno if I'm use to platforming games, but I'm so use to holding the forward/backwards button once I land on the block.

An in-game tutorial would've been nice instead of the player having to figure out things on their own. At first, I had to figure out the difference between a white and gold star on a block and died doing so. There's no guide to this game whatsoever.

I wasn't a fan of the gameplay or controls. This game is more annoying than anything. The cat slides around more than I'd like, which results in me sliding off blocks and dying. The teleportation mechanic also isn't very good.

Lastly, what's with the difficulty curve? It goes from easy to somewhat difficult then back to easy, then difficult and etc. I've noticed inconsistent difficulty curves in your games before, but this one is particularly bad with it.

I have very little control over the cat, it flies all over the screen and it makes it difficult to play the game