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Reviews for "Planaris 2"

NIce, an interesting addition to the previous one.
chasm seems impossible to master.
consistently over 100k, got to 135k something, but then you simply get a streak of either 5 or 6 pieces that dooms you.
the same goes for cramped 2. some levels are simply nearly impossible. would be interesting to know if it is subpar play or simply impossible.
have you tried to put a bot at testing it?

I loved the first game and REALLY love this new edition.

Just beat Donut by only placing 9 pieces and getting a 5 line clear and scoring instant mastery.

One of the best feelings from a challenge perspective in a game I normally play to unwind.

Love it mate.

The concept is interesting! I thought they had done everything you could with tetris...

you deserve a better score, for this; gg.