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Reviews for "Planaris 2"

Great Puzzle game, I really enjoy it (coming from someone who likes Rubik's cube but hates puzzles.) 4.5/5

Great, challenging puzzle game thanks (keep creating!)!

Love the game! not a big fan of Tetris but it was still fun!

I've had the same problem as Balthazarn, plus a few of your medals seem to be broken. I've mastered not 3 but 12 levels, cleared four and five rows simultaneously (thank you pyramid), but none of those particular medals have unlocked. The first 5 medals worked, but these three haven't.

BryceSummer responds:

Hmm.. Thanks for the report!

Excellent, I'm a big fan of tetris games and this one is both new in gameplay and addictive. However, I've had an issue with saves...I wonder if Newgrounds keeps a save on accounts or if I'll have to start over everytime I try to play because that's what happened lately :/

BryceSummer responds:

Hey thanks! Unfortunately newgrounds seems to lose everyone's saves when I upload a new update(to fix bugs and whatnot). The last update I did I added a feature (accessible from the button on the top left area of the world map) to let you manually backup your own save data.