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Reviews for "Planaris 2"

gota love the tetris style of game play here as well as the maps and muses man this was pretty well layed out keep it up!~ <3

A really good game but very frustrating when you lost not because of a personnal error but because of the game who give who 4 or 5 times the same piece you can't place.

I just like it

At the time of the review I have high scores for your Planaris 1 and 2 for all modes except the campaign. I personally don't really like the campaign it's too repetitive.

I feel version 2 animation feels polished but all of the animation is way to slow. This includes the gameplay and menu transitions. Too much fluidity actually works against the game play here.

I really didn't like the locks in the first version but it's good that you found a way to remove them in this version.

Those are my only complaints. Good job on the game looking forward to your next game!

BryceSummer responds:

Thanks for the constructive feedback!

Very challenging game! ^^