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Reviews for "Erolon: Dungeon Bound - 0.13a-Alpha"

Very promising!

I think the game is good in every way, I just have a request... could you make the dick a little more big? it's rather small... very small. That's all I think, the rest of the game is doing very well.

obviously characters attack in order but there was one time where didn't know who was attacking and i didn't use a skill when i should of, maybe have some kind of indication for who is currently up to attack?

SexCurseStudio responds:

We'll look at improving who is currently active in the turn. Right now the currently active character is indicated by their character art appearing opaque, while the others are transparent.

Pretty good art, with a simple (albeit generic) turn based RPG design.

I am curious to see how it turns out but so far I like the direction it's taking plus the art is pretty darn good.