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Reviews for "Erolon: Dungeon Bound - 0.13a-Alpha"

It's short... But long enough to give some criticism and praise:
On the plus side:
- Beautiful arts.
- A sense of a "bigger world" coming in.

On the minus side:
- Though I love RPG with big ambiance, sometimes, there is too much narration (during the fights, typically... No one would speak that much while fighting a squeletton or while fleeing)
- The two first person are... Farmers ? In that dress ? Really ? XD
- A bit too much exposition. The game's lore seems rich ? Good. The game wants to show it all in your face giving you hundreds of details the characters should already know ? "OMG, an order of paladins ?" Bad.
- The reaction of the paladin about the temple isn't logical. "Oh, there's a temple hidden near the capital from where the squelettons rise and attack us ? Sure, I won't tell my order or anyone about it". At least, that would make more sense if the paladin was clearly in need of something from the temple right away.

At that point (since I can't exactly have more to comment on), I'd advise to make the dialogue more... Fluid. Less descriptive.

"We need to run back home, fast !"
"No, they might follow us there, too dangerous. To the city, it's not that far !"

And there it is... it's shorter and it feels more natural, more in tone with the urgency of the situation. No need to explain why it's better to go to the city, the player can figure it out. And if exposition is really needed... Don't do it during a fight scene.

Seems good so far, really like it, quite curious how the dungeon explorer part gonna be, its first person dungeon crawler? like Demon master cris and sakura dungeon? our some thing else?
also, there is some chance to have a female protagonist? (even if there is no male counterparts?)
anyway, I think its take a little to much to have some gameplay, there are some battles, but the battle system (or at last, what is showed) is so simple to be really enjoyable for itself, maybe should be a little of dungeon exploration when they find the temple, let the players play around with the menus and equip the sword, and the skeletons be the first "boss"/enemies, that make them go away from the dungeon, and continue the story normally, just for the game don't fell too text heavy.

SexCurseStudio responds:

The dungeon gameplay will be a top-down perspective, and the levels for each dungeon will be randomly generated. The dungeon gameplay will be arriving in the next major build.

There's no female protagonist in the game.

Glad you've enjoyed what's in the game thus far!

I was talking to the wolf lady and she agreed to join the team, but a bit after that while talking the text started to flicker and wouldn't progress, after clicking a few more times the whole screen is now flickering and I'm unable to do anything, the soundtrack changed though, as such I can't grade it a whole lot just yet.

SexCurseStudio responds:

Hm, we haven't seen that issue before. It may have possibly been the Newgrounds server.

Nice art but a slow pacing

Right now this is a demo of a visual novel which shows potential. Whether the game that follows is any good is to be determined. I despise turn-based combat with a passion, but on the plus side the artwork is very good.