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Reviews for "Erolon: Dungeon Bound - 0.13a-Alpha"

Looks great so far... I mean, for this build. I can't wait until the next build comes out

May I suggest some fetishes people may want to see but are too shy to ask for their selves? Pregnancy, different sized bust, different skin tones for player/NPC's (Could be considered in Customization)...

this game has great potential I can't wait to see what comes next, a word about fireball animation though, when you first throw a fireball at the first skeleton it freezes up for a minute or two then the fireball animation happens and it moves on, the rest of the fights are almost seamless though and it's only at that one spot that this happens. This game is probably going to be one of the better games out there, the story isn't overtly oppressive but at the same time it is plenty descriptive, once the sexual scenes come into play this game may have the best of both worlds, sex and story :)

Very nice so far!

SexCurseStudio responds:

Glad you enjoyed what we have so far!

Finally, someone that knows how to put out a demo :)

Nice art, Good music.

Overly talky in parts (mostly during combat), but mostly understandable. Biggest issue seems to be a slow transitions between lines and the green arrow isn't very responsive when clicked.

Battle system is pretty generic, took me a bit to realize when buttons had been clicked (sound cues plz). Didn't catch on to the washed out monster graphics was the one I was targeting until multiple enemies showed up. I think it'd be better if you gave it a more clear indicator (like highlighting/aura effect or making the selection get slightly bigger to make it pop out more). Basically the UI is a little weak, visually.

Overall a very good demo and a good starting point.

SexCurseStudio responds:

Glad you enjoyed the demo! There are dialogue pauses that are designed in the conversations at certain points, so that may explain the slow transitions.

The battle system is a WIP, but we wanted to show the basic layout and how it operates.

It shows great potential! Keep up the great work.