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Reviews for "Deep Down"

Great game, but I definitely don't have the dexterity for level 10. That last up block always screws it up for me.

bug where saws reach a corner and stay in one spot.
otherwise, fun game!

very chaming! not a brand new type of platformer but the ost fits perfectly with the happy slime boi attitude

Pretty entertaining platformer you have there!

The mechanics aren't that innovative but its fun levels compensate for it. Another thing to point out is the funky chiptune music which is a key factor to the entertainment value.
Finally, to keep it short, although generic it was a game that was worthy of my 20 min of time.

This game is great! It's my favourite game of yours so far (date: 25.4.2019). All the details, like the idle animation, titles of the levels ("would you like to play a game?" especially ^^) are really charming. Nice level design + cool retro-styled graphics and character = really good game. I'm hoping you make more games like this. This game was a blast, and if I could, I would give it an extra star :3
Rating: 6/5