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Reviews for "Deep Down"

Now, this game has A TON of potential. I'm not saying it's bad, it just needs some more work.

Warning: Contains Spoilers

First of all, i like the graphics. But the background and behind the walls is just bland. I mean you did so well with the sprites! And the cutscene, don't even get me started on it! It's amazing! I mean those In-Betweens look so smooth! You see i'm currently making art for an indie game with pixelart. And as an artist myself, i'm amazed with the cutscene! You just need to put more variety into that background and behind the walls. 4/5

I like the movement. It's just the right speed for somebody to speed through the level. But if you go slow on a level the speed might be a problem. When i do the first jump on level 2, i seem to turn quickly and miss the jump. And the jumps are ok. 3/5

Now, the Music is nostalgic, but gets annoying. The first time i'm like "Ding Donge Ding, ding donge dingodedong." But 5 music cycles later i'm like: "DIIII DOBE DIII DI DODEDIN-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!". Still i like the level 10 music. 3/5

And the gameplay, i like the idea of short levels but at around level 12, it looks like you're running out of ideas. And that's bad. Honestly, the gameplay is pretty boring. Some stuff here and there but nothing else really. You need to keep the gameplay fresh. 2/5

Overall Score: 3/5

This is fun :D

I really love the art style. It is all cute even down to the idle animation. It is really well made. Keep up the good work,

Very fun game, I like the graphics and gameplay. My only reason for giving it four stars is that I feel that there is not alot the separates it from other platformers in terms of gameplay but the look and feel makes it unique.

Simple and fun. I loved it!
Although it feels a bit... easy.