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Reviews for "Deep Down"

Very fun, pretty hard, I recommend!

Fairly basic game, but even those are difficult to make! Of course, I'm not gamer enough to get very far, but I liked what I did see.

I like what the creator's done with this game. The official soundtrack is awesome and most important of all, the gameplay, it was very fluid. I could not care about the story if I can't play the game (the story is the second most important aspect of any game, if I say so myself).

nyunesu responds:

Yay, thanks a lot (:

i kept waiting for a some sort of catch or narrative ploy, like maybe the game is self aware or something but. It's not bad just as basic as you can get, if this was your first game it was a good effort. just really bland for what it is.

This is cute, short, and fun. The chiptune soundtrack is awesome, and the graphics are not bad.

This entire game consists of navigating small platforming levels to reach a goal while avoiding obstacles and projectiles. Pretty basic, but it works. It works because the level design is straight-forward, fair, not repetitive, and alternates between encouraging us to go fast and forcing us to be more careful, creating a nice sense of pacing.

So, basically, this game combines a simple concept with competent level design, and the end result is a really fun series of small levels. The levels are easy (not trivial, but easy) and the concept is not the most original, but it's still a fun game while it lasts, so give it a go if you have a few minutes to spare. Damn, that music is good.