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Reviews for "Deep Down"

The game is great, the art is awesome and the music is amazingly fit to it all. I just think that game get's laggy every now and then, but that may be just me. Great work!

Fun, simple game that I think accomplished everything it set out to do. I was a big fan of the music, and keeping levels short but having longer "boss" levels as major challenges was a good idea! Each world kept it focused with only its 1-2 major obstacles that it introduces.

Fun an challenging but a bit too basic and lacking in creativity in my opinion

The best thing about this game is not only its satisfying gameplay, but the wholesome soundtrack

Well done, you took a solid concept, gave it a nice look and didn't fuck it up. Dying never feels unfair and minor annoyances are rare (try walking towards an upward bound saw, it won't kill you, his downward bound buddy though, will. Also sidespikes). The only somewhat negative critique I have on the game itself is that in my opinion there is no difficulty curve, but rather a wave. Except for the introduction nothing feels particularly harder, only those long levels are, well, longer. The other point is the music. Of course it's a question of taste, but I felt rather annoyed by it, not too bad though. I really liked that the movement was on point instead of those sliding movements that you often get in this kind of games. Ironically, You included Ice levels where they would be fitting.
Keep up the good work, this was a nice way to kill some time!