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Reviews for "Deep Down"

Its not really new in any way, the only true obstacles were spikes and there were no enemies. You should add power-ups and enemies you can jump on like in Mario and pretty much every other platformer.

This game was okay. Nothing new in the entire game.
The level layouts were pretty good, but the difficulty curve wasn't
on point all the time, in my opinion. I struggled most at the second "boss stage" than the last one, in example. But this may differs from player to player.

The sprites are nothing special but are okay too. The spikes look bad for me.

The music doesn't fit well in the game. Its good, but it just doesn't fit. But I cant exactly figure out why... :D

The controls just work. Nothing special here either. But at least they worked and felt good to me.

After all it took me 10 Min to beat the game and it was entertaining, so nothing dramatic to complain about.

I would enjoy to see another platformer made by you but with a little nice mechanic. Something new and interesting. Its hard to find feature that weren't shown in so many platformers before, I know this - but maybe you find something :)

3/5 Stars!


Something to mention: Your tutorial-levels for new mechanics were pretty good too and the compilation of level-designs in one boss level is a pretty good idea!

That was fun
Good job

Very Nice.

Very good! Would be better with some medals!