Reviews for "Dinogen Arena"

This is a nice game, and I usually don't play games on Newgrounds, but this is not suitable for a younger audience.

YOU GOT ME. Had to play this all the way through. Very good game and addicting.

On the Trex hunt I think I think it would be cool if the rex wasn't so super powered but just take off it's map indicator so he could sneak up on soldiers. You could however make his foot steps louder as he approached.

It did have trouble remembering the name of this game when I telling my friends.

Nothing new, games have done top down shooters, that's nothing new. When i saw the ranked system i was excited i thought it was a literal online ranking system, where you play matches online and you get rated, unfortunately this is not what i got, i received weak bots where I cannot tweak the difficulty, its not bad, playing as the dinosaurs is fun, but playing against them is a nightmare, their hit box is to small for the accuracy of the guns, usually high damaging fire rates is what wins the game, not reload time, not accuracy, I equipped the LMG to only find that it mows down the bots with ease,killing the fun. I took a look and the prestige weapons are also broken as the prestige shotgun, the damage is maxed, the accuracy is more than half way and the fire rate is half way, the only weakness is the reload time, so when you prestige to get that weapon you murder every bot in sight without effort. The only place the creator put a lot of time into was the survival, you don't earn enough money to buy useful things, you cant even buy armor to protect you, there is so much content there but the game isn't very fun after you get the death match achievements,to prestige you must get to level thirty, seems okay until you notice how slowly the xp bar goes up, and the bots aren't challenging, so i was basically wrecking the bots and i would at least to play 30 matches to prestige not that i enjoy the game enough to do it.

Play it if you have the time to blow off,but there are better survival modes and better top down shooters, play a BO1,2,WaW, any COD game with zombies, that's where true survival wave games are at, for a top down shooter look for other games with he label, go through them, I know there is better.

I like the game very much. My only gripe is the walking speed. The game feels slow. It would better to have faster gameplay (Walk): more exciting.

Very Enjoyable