Reviews for "Dinogen Arena"

I really loved the game for its simple and fun action, but the game still has some balance problems, however, for example: it is very difficult to beat the AI ​​in survival mode, but it is very easy to beat the AI ​​in the rest of modes.

This game's balance is BROOOKEN.

How to beat Survival mode:

IMPORTANT: Don't buy any weapons until step 8

1. Don't buy anything except ammo for you gun; Survive
2. Buy a turret, run around it and let it kill all the dinos
3. Buy at least 2 heavy specialists. One is not enough
4. Buy the remaining turrets
5. Upgrade one on the turrets to the max level, stay as close to it as possible
6. Upgrage the remaining turrets to level 3 in any order; buy the last specialist if you haven't
7. Upgrade all the turrets to level 6 one by one
8. Stay near the armory untill you're bored
9. Quit the game

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The ranked mode is very well made, human enemy AI is a bit weak before prestige but human vs dinosaur is nice and challenging as humans.

Survival mode seems really unbalanced though, you're either trying to knife every enemy and hoping you're lucky enough to knife them before they bite you (the tiny dinosaurs are too small to reliably hit with most guns anyway), getting instantly killed since decent guns are unaffordable and make you a sitting duck (an additional guy with a LMG costs far, far less than simply buying yourself an LMG?) or just sitting still while your invincible army of heavy weapons guys, turrets and helicopter slaughter everything.

Even when I got good, I ended up getting killed during the brief period between the helicopter going away and when you're allowed to buy a new one.

At very least I'd let players skip the first couple survival rounds vs the tiny dinosaurs, they become a really boring grind if you've played more than once or twice.

Counter-strike with dinosaurs? Excelent idea! With progression levels as COD4? Much better.
Great work!

When do you put it on steam? I want to see how it performs with other players. Don't take me bad, bots were great; dinobots behaved like a dream team.
However, diagonal movement breaks the game, the difference in speed left them at a disadvantage.

Make a real online Battle Royale from this !(leaderboard,tracker, etc) Good !