Reviews for "Dinogen Arena"

So fun its unbelivable.

Game froze right after tutorial while still in dino mode, really keen to play through still

Absolutely love it. A major step up from the first. First of all, Ragdolling and realistic death poses. The first game just had the dinosaurs lay down as if they were standing normally. In this game, the body parts move so it's not in some near perfect position when the dinos die. Second of all, the bullets move MUCH faster. Third of all, the dinosaur types are more diverse and interesting, especially the spike raptor. However I wish it had more dinosaurs with special abilities.

Love the familiar sound effects used and improvement of the visuals. wish I knew about this game when people still played but it's still a good sequel

This game has tremendous graphics to be 2d and I love the idea of it being a survival. This could be one of the best newgrounds games.