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Reviews for "Lovestreams"

Well that had my eyes tearing up, and my heart breaking a bit.

Beautifully made, very touching and nicely directed and planned out, amazing work that hit me, and as one can see in the comments, many other people!

Awesome work!

Truly touching story, awesome art style. I shed a tear to be honest.

It felt totally like me, almost cried... It reminds me of some awesome internet friends I had a few years ago, but for one reason or another they're gone now...

Damn.... That hits right in the feels. It is so accurate of so many relationships now though. We don't have to actually know each other to get the companionship out of the relationship. It's also rather depressing that it is easier to create relationships like this online than it is in real life for so many of us, and it feels real, it IS real...

Biutiful :,3