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Reviews for "Lovestreams"

Wow ummm that was quite the movie

Think it mustve struck a chord with me

Except the animation was kinda shit

The moment I started seeing the other characters, I somehow imagined VRchat being like this in the future.. Something similar like. No matter how real it may seem, it's all imaginary. The only thing that isn't imaginary are the people and those you get to meet. Those, are as real as it gets.

Now that's some emotional masterpiece.

I was very uninclined to make a review like I usually do, but this..This was exquisite. Art and animation and the way you changed the styles were seamless. And continuous. There was a mood of calm and tension in the music and well, it pent up at the end. I was expecting some thing else to happen but this was far better of a twist than what I had expected. It was surreal.

5/5 you definitely deserved it.

moral of story is if you want a girl /guy get out there and do something and stop sitting down your lazy ass and explore real life more thanks, but i kinda figured that out a long time ago btw that old Yahoo messenger really brings back memories of when i used it for the first time really touching moment at end... witch brings the if you want to know someone for real talk to them IRL not just on the internet, also i really miss them days :'(