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Reviews for "Lovestreams"

This takes me back. At least, those old enough to remember, what it was like. The animation was rough but spot on with the transitions to corrupted image files and to other faces. I loved the design choice of no voice overs. It makes it personal for each "user".

So, they talk on a chat room. Have the most boring cyber sex ever, pretend they're in a plagiarized damn near rotoscoped Final Fantasy 8 https://youtu.be/OlfH3r780So . More borrowed scenes from ff8. Then they realize they'll never meet because the cyber sex wasn't THAT good.

I just don't see any originality here. Maybe even the plot is plagiarized from somewhere.

I think I have a legit critique. Very little of this actually came from a place of actual original work.

I loved how this movie ended. And for everyone saying it's cringe or VR chat, this is set in 2002. There were no VR sets, the Internet was in its infancy. At most we had AOL and compared to day, even that wasn't that great.

People chatted with each other in chatrooms, maybe they developed a friendship from common interests. But there was nothing telling who a person was behind the screen. No screen captures, no cell phones; you're lucky if you had a laptop.

Maybe you don't understand because you were never placed in that situation. Maybe it's because you weren't around during that era or you were too young.

I absolutely love this! the animation style is fluid and beautiful. It must have taken a very long time and a lot of effort to make this.

:( right in the feels. N O S T A L G I A