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Reviews for "Lovestreams"

I am moved

Absolutely fantastic.

Beautifully animated, incredible music, wonderfully written, this is truly a masterpiece.

I have never watched a short that legitimately made me want to cry... until now. And the worst part is that my GF left me for a guy she met on the internet, whomst she then met in person... and now is the only person who is and will be on her mind. There's something about silent films that make them a notch above the rest. Extremely good job!

This is beautifully done. An amazing job striking emotion visually without verbal communication. I know there was talking via text, which by the way was done very well. You were able to capture character though the subtleties of AIM chatting, with typing something, waiting, erasing, and retyping. The animation was great and the story was touching. Great work; I applaud.

This was really well done. Great job!