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Reviews for "Lovestreams"


The animation here is really next level. The realism in the beginning with the computer and shadows looks almost as though it could be live-action, though of course the AIM conversation looks too clean even for a mounted camera. Everything else, from the particle effects to the characters, is both visually stunning as well as having an outstanding smoothness and framerate. More importantly the artistic vision here manifests beautifully, with the loading images and pixelation fusing organically with the rest of the short. The dialogue and imagery both work together to tell a narrative and portray an experience in a way that's far more accurate than words.

Literally the only flaw I see here - and this is really nitpicky - is that some of the anatomy just doesn't resonate with me, particularly the way you draw hands (the fingers narrow a bit too much.) Keep in mind this is me REALLY searching for something that could be improved and isn't something that noticeably impacts the overall product.

is that a thinkpad t43? Had the same one lol.

wh347 responds:

It was a great laptop! I booted mine from 2003 up when I started this film and it still worked!

A great story with phenomenal animation. Super well done!

Excellent plot and cinematics! I enjoyed the changes in the character and the idea of this hall where computer screen lovers meet and dance. What I really thought was amazing in this film was the ending. I glad you did not depict relationships in the internet as happy, goodness and sunshine, there is also the negatives of having a relationship with someone you barely know and hard to imagine their life, their family and who they behind the screen. Excellent film, man, keep up the work. :^)

Having been there and feeling those feels..yea..that's pretty much what it's like.