Reviews for "HENTAI [ProjectPhysalis] Patron's Reward 2 - NicoleWatterson"

I think this game is good, Nicole looks very sexy in all of her outfits and the gallery is a nice touch. Would it be at all possible to make an update for a free play mode where all you need to focus on is the action with Nicole? I think it would be great that once you beat the game you can go to a mode where you do not need to worry about hitting the target in order to get to the next scene. You can select whichever outfit you've unlocked and have fun with Nicole.

Found a bug. For the last outfit, the gothic one. If I chose that one, the third quicktimeevent is bugged. There is only 2 green bars. And I hit it first try, but it was registered as a bug. So, that is honestly frustrating because I dunno when I am going to hit that again. And it strangely actually counted it as a redzone even though the next one would have been blue and I failed the level.

Art is amazing and the game system seems better and more fun now than in the KP one you did before.

GoldenBerryStudio responds:

Yeah this happens very rarely, we weren't able to fix this, you just have to go back the the main menu and try again, this fixes the bug

I like the angle of sex more than I thought I would. Having her vagina appear every time the penis was pulling out was very interesting.

I didn't like having to be challenged for a costume though when all I really wanted to do was stare at her vagina.

I very much enjoyed it all but the position changing i got all most everyone one first try but you should make it a little bit easier i only had trouble getting past the third level nut all in all great game.

This is very well done but I only have two problems with it. The first being a lack of position change. It's nice to have costume and locale changes but doing it in the same position detracts away from their appeal. The second being the bar, especially on the last level. Next to impossible to make that last one land on green. But still great animation.

GoldenBerryStudio responds:

yeah im with you, we have to make it simple becuase we were running out of time for something which was supposed to just be an upgrate to our last minigame, even htough, thank you for your feedback <3