Reviews for "HENTAI [ProjectPhysalis] Patron's Reward 2 - NicoleWatterson"

I really like the game comparing it to the kim possible one it may even be better but the difficulty after the last costume hard and doesn't feel like its that much worth to get the last pic

it's solid, a bit tricky on a trackpad, would probably be easier with a mouse.

Really well made with solid sound and what not. I guess it comes down to a matter of taste, but the proportions kinda threw me off (not to mention the fairly grotesque penis). Nice job, regardless.

I thought this was a good game, one of the hottest games I've played in a while, and was easy enough to give me just enough of a challenge to get all best finishes, and gave me a low-frustration fap, which was just great. Anyway the color schemes are perfectly on point, the facial expressions and proportions I thought were incredibly hot in their exaggeration, well done. Really loved the pink latex and blue contrast especially. Thanks for a great game!

I mean, it looks good, there's a lot of variety, the 'animation' is well done, but leave it to internet autists to vote for furfag shit and bizarre proportions. Didn't ultimately end up liking it as much as the Kim Possible entry because of that, although it's technically superior and there's a lot more to it. I'm more faulting the people sad enough to give money for internet porn games than the game itself.