Reviews for "HENTAI [ProjectPhysalis] Patron's Reward 2 - NicoleWatterson"

I thought this was a good game, one of the hottest games I've played in a while, and was easy enough to give me just enough of a challenge to get all best finishes, and gave me a low-frustration fap, which was just great. Anyway the color schemes are perfectly on point, the facial expressions and proportions I thought were incredibly hot in their exaggeration, well done. Really loved the pink latex and blue contrast especially. Thanks for a great game!

I mean, it looks good, there's a lot of variety, the 'animation' is well done, but leave it to internet autists to vote for furfag shit and bizarre proportions. Didn't ultimately end up liking it as much as the Kim Possible entry because of that, although it's technically superior and there's a lot more to it. I'm more faulting the people sad enough to give money for internet porn games than the game itself.

i give this game a solid 3star its not godlike but its pretty good

So, the sexual content here is wonderful -- out of this world, in fact. The artwork, the movement and animation, and the expressions are all great, and the sound, with details like Nic's toes tapping on the ground and the little squeaks and moans she lets out as you pump her full of cum being highlights. It's a perfect score for me there -- with the reasonable exception of there not being a ton to see.

However, I don't love the way the game keeps content behind the timing minigames. In a sexual context it doesn't really make sense, and in a masturbatory one it just comes off as annoying. I know some people are a fan of stuff in this vein, but I don't like the things I'm fapping to requiring me to git gud. I jerk off to relax. I would ask for an alternative, mostly because the difficulty was kinda weirdly high for a porn game, even one so simple. I think the nature of the timing minigame in conjunction with the framerate being 'iffy' was what did it, but I really had a difficult time with this one, especially since it was so fucking hot. It was still a positive experience generally, I did unlock everything, but it wasn't a quick cum session.

I think this game is good, Nicole looks very sexy in all of her outfits and the gallery is a nice touch. Would it be at all possible to make an update for a free play mode where all you need to focus on is the action with Nicole? I think it would be great that once you beat the game you can go to a mode where you do not need to worry about hitting the target in order to get to the next scene. You can select whichever outfit you've unlocked and have fun with Nicole.