Reviews for "HENTAI [ProjectPhysalis] Patron's Reward 2 - NicoleWatterson"

This is very well done but I only have two problems with it. The first being a lack of position change. It's nice to have costume and locale changes but doing it in the same position detracts away from their appeal. The second being the bar, especially on the last level. Next to impossible to make that last one land on green. But still great animation.

GoldenBerryStudio responds:

yeah im with you, we have to make it simple becuase we were running out of time for something which was supposed to just be an upgrate to our last minigame, even htough, thank you for your feedback <3

This is genuinely one of my favorite games on this site. Only complaint is that there's no scene viewer, which I think would make this even better.

Solid game.

it took me a while but i did it. Dont give up you will sooner or later ( 30 min in my case ) do it.

I really like the game comparing it to the kim possible one it may even be better but the difficulty after the last costume hard and doesn't feel like its that much worth to get the last pic