Reviews for "Undertale Animated: Genocide Interpretation"

Oh man I remember seeing WIP shots of this on Tumblr and just so happened to stumble upon the finished product here! I'm so pumped; I recently got back into Undertale and this is just MMMM so good the fandom needs more quality work like this. Thank you for working so hard on this, man, it really paid off!

Great animation, the voice for Sans was perfect. Specially love the effect done on the end.
My only compaints are the kid. Head seems a little too wide and like, at 1:10 they look like Elmer Fudd from a weeb-con. I'm not saying it to be mean just, they legit look like Bugs Bunny's rival lol

Everything else was beautiful, great work! :p

The voice fits Sans quite well, and I thought you would show a bit of the battle at the end but this is a nice lead-in to it. Amazing as hell. :D

Dang. I found this amazing! I will say the best parts for me were: Sans' laugh, Chara doing the single step forward to taunt Sans, And finally Sans echo-y and epic voice when he says the last line.

Not to mention the pure amount of time that this took because it looks really good! Though Chara seemed a little odd to me I didn't really see any problems with them, so overall an awesome animation.

absolutely amazing . This could actually be made into a larger production like a movie or animated series. If the same animation style and voice actor for sans is kept throughout the production among other quality voice actors and story progression, this could be a masterpiece