Reviews for "Undertale Animated: Genocide Interpretation"

Can you make a battle sequence?
If you make some animated version of this fight is gonna be awesome!!!
I rate 5 because is the max, if was me, i rate 100!!

Not to be rude, but undertale sucks my idiocy and throws it back with more idiocy then ever.
its my opinion which makes it fact and if you disagree you are a miss shot cumshot.

~Atomics opinions are fact.

Wonderful animation skills
I love how it was well drawn out
The voice acting was amazing as well

Top notch! Excellent animation, voice acting and feel!

The thing I hate most about this animation is the fact that I can only vote it 5 stars once. The quality is amazing and the attention to detail is spot on. Easily 1 of my favorite top 3 Undertale animations! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work, even if it's not Undertale related.