Reviews for "Undertale Animated: Genocide Interpretation"

Dude...! It's Simply Awesome! Really, I even waited for the battle!

I absolutely loved the dialogue and your choice for voicing Sans! All the animations were fluid and I liked the art style.

Loved the dialogue.
Good animation.

Honestly dude, your choice for sans voice was actually amazing. He stays calm throughout everything and genuinely comes off as wanting to put Chara down in a very laid back sort of way which speaks greatly for his character. Usually I have a hard time enjoying these fan made things because of the voices and animation and my base level skepticism but dude honestly you have some real talent! Good work man. And dude the facial expressions are amazing. Seriously you are talented, and i dont say that often. 10/10 dude you just got yourself a fan.

A great set-up! Pity there is no actual fighting. Animations look smooth as f and i really liked San's body language, it just fits him so well.