Reviews for "Undertale Animated: Genocide Interpretation"

The bad thing about most of these versions of Sans nowdays....
They are badly overplaying the role.
Like really outa character of Sans, the lazy bones. Who keeps his "lazy ass" mask up untill the words "should be burning in hell." And he doesnt even shouts those. No. Whenever dat skelly was serious, he was quiet, but distinctive. Kinda telling you clear enough, what he is gonna mess ya up, but without any unnecessary noize.
The animation isn't too bad, it's actually the only reason this movie got it's 3 stars.

Antonus responds:

I could not disagree with you anymore, I simply exemplified the tone that the genocide route was going for. There are MANY hints throughout multiple playthroughs whether it be genocide/neutral/pacifist that Sans has a much darker side. He is a funny bones yes but he is also mysterious and aloof. It may appear as "overplaying" because we don't actually see his expressions fully animated in game. This leaves a lot of visual themes up to interpretation. Sounds like your problem has more to do with preference than anything.

That was extremely dope dog! The voice acting was great too! Keep it up :)

Shame there's no battle scene, but otherwise really good.

not a big deal, just a simple/quite cool animation, no battle animation and good dialogue
why this in frontpage?

Aw man no battle sequence :(
This is really well done.