Reviews for "Undertale Animated: Genocide Interpretation"

nice job man, love the poses and skewed perspective, that final take was really well done.

Cool, though Sans' nose could be more skeletal like.

Chara is ugly
please make her just more girly please


Animation is good, my main issues are with the voice and his mouth not moving. Not offensive to the voice actor I'm sure they did their best but that performance falls flat especially when it's standing next to the beautiful animation. ALSO, you don't need to give an excuse for why you didn't make a fight scene if it wasn't your goal from the beginning. I would tell people complaining to go watch a Micheal Bay movie if they only thing that stimulates them is action.

Antonus responds:

jesus I feel you.

Even though you didn't do the fight scene I think you left it off a the perfect place. Honestly it just that scene and how well you did it that gave me shivers. I approve.