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Reviews for "Aground"

a better minecraft

Great game to spend your time with, one bad thing for me, I already did four things that met the condition to earn the four medals but it did not unlock for me.

I just finished the game it was so awesome! I loved the feeling of progression through the whole game even though it is a sandbox game it was so fantastic! Anyway to finish up this review to all the people part of the development for this game, you did an amazing job and I hope you make more amazing games like this.

um so my screen is stuck when i see to much above me and cant see under me i forgot what button i pressed...HELP

davidmaletz responds:

You unequipped your pickaxe. Hit E to open the equipment window, then equip a pick axe and the camera will move down again (I'm going to add a message about this the first time someone does it by accident :P )

thuus gam izx reelly gud