Reviews for "Aground"

totally loved it, cannot wait to see where the other islands lead! Please please continue your excellent work on this

I don't usually write reviews, but I liked this game so much that I thought I'd write a brief one.

Loved the old art style growing up with these types of games. The gameplay was linear, as expected for a work in progress, but I really look forward to future updates. I really liked the crafting and farming system, as well as the different currencies and can't wait to see what is planned for some of the ore that we can't yet use. I was bored after building the boat so I mined out the whole game.

5/5. Keep up the great work!

Can't wait for your more professional work. This was amazing, it plays great and the design and music was well put together.

Amazing game, I love it alot. I'm sucker for these types of games, where you build to survive and take on tougher enemies on; to work your way up higher. It's also on STEAM - It's only 10$ too. It can be hard but keep doing quests for better gears and other useful items.

its a mix of a fun yet challenging game i love the animation to