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Reviews for "Madness: Nevada Hotline"

Not Bad

Not great. The main thing hotline miami has going for it is its frantic speed, which is in part due to the one hit kill nature of the game. This game is so sluggish and slow by comparison. Points for effort though, as it's not completely lazy and shows thought.

io3creations responds:

As I replied to dirtywaffle, the gameplay is between Hotline Miami and the slow movement speed seen in Madness animations. I do plan to make a "reboot" but the current engine doesn't really allow for the Hotline Miami type gameplay. However, once I update the engine, then I'll be able to make it like that.

This is front page material? Sorry man, but it's slow, unresponsive, and overall lacking variety.

As I've seen, people seem to really hate this game, specifically RenegadeV, but why? This game potential! If you would've read the author comments, you would know that! I apologize for these idiots, publisher. You can do whatever you want. The game needs a little buffing but that's all.

Nothing new, huge amounts of ammo and barely no enemies, no challenge y'know?

But this game is just a prototype for a future madness game, till then, I wish you luck.