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Reviews for "Madness: Nevada Hotline"

A couple things that you should improve. Its hotline Miami not Miami hotline, make the game fast pace since that's the games demo is, make everyone have a lot less health it should take a couple hits to kill you (maybe 3 per stage) and make the enemies take 1-2 hits, speed up the movement and make the bullets go faster it should be near instant. You probably shouldn't (and wont) change this game but for your future projects like this change it

io3creations responds:

I know what you mean but I was going for a game between the fast pace of Hotline Miami and the slow paced movement of Madness. So, it's more of a mix, hence the word switch in the title. ;)

Decent game. I have no idea how the scoring system works, but it says I got the all time high? Cool, I guess.

io3creations responds:

Good job! :)

Since the game isn't that difficult to complete, there's a "secret" performance aspect to the score system.

It's a neat little game, a big turnoff was the JoJo reference and the "Get it? XD"

Simple visuals and the Madness theming paved the way for this to be a great game, however enemies are fairly easy to deal with and the hordes of zombies are easily vanquished by both the shotgun and the final uzi like thing. Additionally, bullets felt like they moved slow for the player even though the armored units, which I think are meant to be ATPs, feel about right for how they should act.

The thing that saddens me the most though is that ultimately most of the guns felt pointless. The shotgun and uzi are the only two worth using, since bullets seem to do fixed damage regardless of what gun fired them.

I can see this turning into a much better game with some enemy/level variety, better gun balancing, and an endless survival mode.

This game is slow and needs better graphics. Combat is okay, but could be more exciting. Not much to do with Hotline Miami.

The medals work, and I earned them all.