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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

I may never be able to put my finger on why, but Souped-up Civic has always been one of my favorite Flash movies. Something about the whole thing just makes me chuckle every time I watch it.

Very Under Appreciated

This movie is great...and true. One of the best in the portal, and it has a 2.00 rating? It's a shame. Maybe you can do another one about all those people who lower their trucks until they are 1 inch from the ground. The climax of the movie can involve the 'Mighty Speedbump!" LOL Great movie Ben.

needs improvement

I like the theme of this one, but it definitely needs revising. First of all, the movement of the gauges on the dashboard is just way too fake. Also, the ground effects and the pink light around the lic. plate need to be more shown.

it's ok, not perfect

not perfect, it's pretty cool, though