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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"


Dude that was a pointless piece of shit!

Review for Souped-up Civic

This was one of the crappiest things that I've seen on NG. Why even spend time one something as crappy as this? Get a life, Ben.

I love you, Spartacus.

In Miami, nine out of ten cars are souped-up civics. It's nice to see them terminated along with their drivers. Excellent movie, comrade. Excellent.

funny idea to make fun of...

except the movie sucked!!!! the idea of ranking on a souped up civic could have been done much better, i think most just gave this a good review cause uhh..duhh..they dont uh like souped up civics, vote on the movie not the fuckin principal of it. the principal was good but the movie sucked!!!!!!!

i like this movie

i think this is a good movie and yes it dose kick so much ass