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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

It blows.....

well first of all you dumb ass you know those muscle cars you ppl buy the only cost around 2000 so why should be bother working on those, and that its about the style of riding in those cars, theres no other type of car out there that you can make your own.


I love how the car changes gear without the guy ever moving his hands away from the steering wheel. Also love the fact that the car isn't even souped up. Who is the real idiot?

crap sound was so damn annoying...

i hear loud rap boom beeps in someones car when they go by and it sounds better than tha sounds in here....

im with Woulf

sounds like somebody got owned by a civic, maybe even a vtec, dohc no doubt, i bet u drive a mustang and werent happy when u got shot down in front of your pals, good thing u suck so hard huh?

by far the worst

by far the worst piece of crap yet