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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"


JEEZ, how can this thing have a low 2 rating? This is one of the funniest entries I've ever seen! in a more subtle kind of way...the radio kicking back at the end never fails to make me laugh.


hahaha..but where's the road leading to the rail tracks??

Too funny!

This is an awesome short! I also think it's stupid when people put all that shit on an ECONOMY car that's really made to conserve on fuel costs not to be racing around.

However I think some people need to look at the facts about the Civics. They ARE built in America! Majority of them come out of East Liberty, Ohio.

A lot of your "American Cars" are either made in Mexico or in Canada. Either that or they're actually a rebadged Mitsubishi (Chrysler has had these), Toyota (GM has had these), or Mazda (Ford has had these).

Research the facts before you open your big mouths.


civics are pieces of shit and anyone who owns one is retarded. this was a great short. make more shorts about shitty civics. all hondas are garbage!!!

yo theys my homies

yeah i seen those guys in souped-up civics blaring CRAP. Good movie. Why's it only got a 2.03?