Reviews for "Bring Back Meaning!"

Cute point 'n click adventure that is very nicely done. I like how you get medals for failing, not succeeding.

I wouldn't mind see more games like this in the future.

How Do you find the cup to put in the orange juice?

Wait didnt you make an object show?

Fun and easy game!
Some thoughts:
I think the pickaxe was too hard to find. It's supposed to be hard, I get that, but there's fun-hard and searching-through-every-pixel-in-the-game-hard.
The surroundings isn't that interesting, giving the game a bit boring impression. It doesn't necessarily have to be superadvanced artwork, but something more than a tree and or some clouds.
I really liked the puzzle at the end. Well, all the puzzles were fun!

I see a lot of potential here. The game as it is isn't totally doing it for me, but i believe you have to point n' click mindset needed to make really fun games!

RejahCityGuy responds:

Re. the surroundings, do you have any suggestions of what else?

Short fun game, i didn't like how hidden that pickaxe was, I had to look at the walkthrough. Other than that I loved the tiny secrets and puzzles. Solid point and click puzzle game in my opinion.